Ask the Paul

I am thinking of a series of videos where you can “Ask the Inspector.”

People would email me questions and I would answer them.

Whatta ya think?

I’ve been having a similar thought, but haven’t done anything about it yet.

But I’d say if you’re going to do a video, get a little better set up.

That was done a few years ago, just fooling around. I’d get rid of the Hoodie and shades and have a plain wall behind me.

WOW! So that’s how you were before you got old(er) and cranky! :mrgreen:

Ahem, pot calling the kettle black wouldn’t you say?:mrgreen:

Dear Paul …How many cabins a year do you inspect and does it offend you when the Moose azz gets mounted above the fireplace because you must look up at the damper ?

Please make a video showing this inspection.

Good suggestion Bob.

Dare to be different eh?

Dear Paul.

Is God for real?

If you think he is, then to you he is.

Anything is real if you think its real.

Wrong answer.

Reality(truth) is not different for different people.

Is like to see a series of videos with different subjects… In particular: Roofs and various styles of roofs and problem areas associated with the style of roofs (steep, low slope) and product differences such as slate, membrane and composition.
Next: Electrical issues and potential problems
associated with bad electrical installs (burned-out structure pics) overloaded circuits, improper grounding and bonds.

You see where I’m going with this… Could be a good winter project. The pyramid response and
Alien technology is perhaps the closest thing to reality… God does exist if only in the mind.

You go to church to commune with God, I go to nature.

It sure is, how can you say that?

Then again, your statement proves the truth is indeed different for different people. We have a world full of contradictions yet people persist in their beliefs.

Think it through.

If there is a GOD

He exists.

Saying He does or doesn’t based only on belief changes nothing.

Lost me with that comment. My brain couldn’t grasp your explanation.

If there is a God he exists, and if there isn’t he doesn’t exist? And this opinion is based on what? Belief?

Using your logic I am lost.

I thinking Larson has been watching the History Channel again… I believe there were aliens who inhabited this planet prior to modern civilization.
I believe there’s proof of this all around us.
If you choose not to acknowledge this, is it still a fact? I guess we could argue or admire that which is not explainable. God spelled backwards is Dog. I see a lot of God in my flat coated retriever. He simply accepts and doesn’t overthink things. Wish it were that simple.

I’ll dumb it down if I can.

If something truly exists, ones belief(or not) in its existence does not change the reality of its existence.

Sounds like another Larsonism… not sure if it’s fact or fiction but it sounds kinda dumb. I agree.

Try to use your brain.

You exist. right?

If Paul believes you don’t does that influence the reality of your existence?

Truth and reality are what is and it makes no difference if you believe it or not.

Jeez, I try hard not to get involved in stupid, pointless discussions with some “members” here. Larson is one. Just a total waste of time to “discuss” anything with Larson.

Anyway here goes.

Larson, why are you hijacking Paul’s thread?
It rude and stupid, both of which you excel at of course!

Go away and pontificate elsewhere about Superstition and Magical Deities.:roll: