Asking for your input...

NACHI.TV is developing several advanced electrical inspection videos.

** Joe Tedesco** from Tedesco Electrical Code Consultants will be appearing on NACHI.TV in a few weeks.

** Paul Abernathy**,, will also be appearing on NACHI.TV in the near future.

We’re asking for your input.
What would you like to learn from these two experts?
What do you want to see on NACHI.TV?

Hi Ben

IMO Having either one of these fine gentlemen actually perform an electrical inspection (as a home inspector) would be more beneficial to all of us.

I agree with you 100%.
Bring it on.

Mario’s Suggestion 100%


I’d have to agree with Mario on this one, because I feel that it would be beneficial to more HI’s seeing these Masters show us how it is properly done and believe if it were an older dwelling with plenty of problems, we would all learn more from that.

We all know about AFCI’s and GFCI’s, but how about a home that dose not have any of this stuff in it? A home upgraded to circuit breakers from fuses, would be nice and a home newly built to show the comparison would also be beneficial I think.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:


What Mario said.


You are brilliant.

I’d much rather see these two gentlemen go through a residential electrical panel (which contain numerous defects) on video and explain what is actually happening inside the panel.

Gimme five, Mario.handshakefake.gif


Thanks for the ideas and input … and that is exactly what I have planned in addition to some tricks and inspection items to be aware of.

I even opened up my panel today to get some information that was needed to stress a point we were discussing today.

Hey Dave I can still spend a day with you anytime soon?

I will be the quiet one, but will be observing.

BTW I will do a 3 hr electrical seminar 6-9 PM in Randolph, MA on January 24, 2008

Could you spend some time discussing the problems with double tapping nuetrals on the nuetral busses, as well as grounds and nuetrals mixed in sub panel busses, along with a little theory on stray current and maybe some inspector injury statistics. Thanks for your efforts.


I’d rather watch Paige inspect anything:

I agree Nick, watched it twice.

Being a Builder, I could not resist but see this;

Well built set of stairs if I may say so. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Great Joe. I’m keeping you on my reserve list for my next commercial inspection.

In Randolph? Are you doing this through Tiger series training? I’m there all the time.

What about the “difference” between older ungrounded wires & outlets in older homes (ie. 50+) compared to the need to rewire to modern romex.

How about some “commerical” issues?

Hello Everyone:

I am taking notes and will cover your suggestions.

Ben: If I can ride shotgun, we can stop at any commercial property, such as a store or office building, or even a garage and we can do a drive by and look over the exterior and comment accordingly.

If you have access to any property that too would be great, just turn me loose and keep the camera rollng.

Here’s a picture I took in Kansas City, MO last month, for an example.

Getting properties all lined up, Joe. Residential and commericial. Some messed up stuff too.

I got plenty of camera video tape.

I’ve got some good feedback and questions from the message board that we’ll address too.

In relation to the picture… Uhh… “The dryer vent is crooked. Professional is needed.”

lol…maybe i should put my 8 hour seminar on DVD…oh wait i am doing that soon…lol…

Anyway until then the phone is always open for the confused.:wink:


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