asking for reviews

I send mine out 2 days after the inspection. Only about 10 percent will reply.

May I receive a copy of your letter as well?

Randy, Sent! :slight_smile:

Yes, and no.

I send it out 12 hours later while the inspection is still fresh in their mind.

But I got a review last month (February) for an inspection I did last June. lol.

I send mine out as a 3 day follow up. John can I get a copy as well? I would like to compare it to mine. I get a response once in a blue moon. I think a lot of it has to do with clients not having associated accounts and have to set them up in order to review.

I was looking at Yelp statistics.

41.4% of Yelp users are 18-34.
37.8% of Yelp users are 35-55
less than 20% are over 55.

I don’t have actual age demographics for my clients, but I’d say the vast majority are over 35, and a good percentage are over 55.

Which means the vast majority of my clients are the minority of Yelp’s clients. Which means even though I send them the link and nicely ask for a review, the majority of my clients simply don’t have Yelp accounts and are not likely to sign up for an account just to leave me a review, no mater how much they may love my service.

If I need more reviews will simply ask for them.Problem solved.

Do good work and ask.Simple.

Asking for reviews is great, but what if you forget or they forget. That is what ISN is for, you set-it and forget-it. I do not want to have to do repetitive items. I have 52 different emails that can go out. Many are automatic and happen without anything from us based on the situation. Some are for special situations that happen occasionally, we don’t have to retype them. A couple of clicks and they are sent.

Examples are: We send an email thanking them for trusting us and remind them we are here to answer any questions which happens based on the completed inspection.

If we get a review a couple of clicks later they get a nice follow-up email thanking them.

Those are just two examples, the best are the simple reminders.

We send one to the listing agent about access and the inspection. This also asks for additional access codes. When they suddenly remember the gate code is saves us time waiting to get in. When they are reminded about utilities it saves us from re-inspections or cancellations. These alone provide the ROI and don’t get me started about the professional image it portrays.

The most satisfying email is the one we ask the listing agent to give us access to the attic, electrical panel ect. We ask the agent to provide the email to the seller. It tells the seller How to Prepare for the Inspection. When we do not have something we need during the inspection we love telling the seller we told the listing agent. When the listing agent says we did not tell them, we laugh, and tell them that they opened the email. It ends the discussion and the listing agent is usually willing to pay for us to come back if needed. This saves my clients money and again shows all parties we are the professional in the transaction.

I don’t have time to write and send all of the emails and text messages we send. We do more than 2000 inspections per year and have several office people. ISN allows them to spend more time to talk with clients and potential clients. I would require it more if it was just me, because I don’t have time for all that just happens because of ISN.

Do you mind sharing this John,



I know I’m late to the party, but would it be possible to get a copy of your letter? I already ask for a review with a link, but I’d like to get my response se rate up.


Late as well. I am trying to have better luck getting reviews also. Would you please share, John?


You could try software like Blipp Reviews (, which was created for home inspectors, is automated when linked to scheduling software like ISN, sends an email and text after the inspection, and has an average conversion rate of 15-50% among it’s users.

Pease add me to the list.


Yelp has started (or maybe always has) moving reviews that are left by people clicking links directly to your page to the not recommend reviews.

I’ve lost over 20 reviews that used to be there.

The one thing I was finally able to ace it back to was those people clicked the link in my ISN email.

So I no longer link them directly to my Yelp page.

Can you possibly send the letter to me?

We are struggling to get reviews of any sort.

Thank you!

This is what I send.

Later today or tonight, or whenever you get a chance, would you mind taking a few minutes to write a review for PG Home Inspections on Google?

The reason I ask is because when you do, it helps others learn about us through your experience.

Thanks for offering to write a review. I’m really looking forward to reading your comments.

I add the link to my Google listing.

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