asking for reviews

Is anyone using an effective “request for a review” email on ISN.
If so:
When do you send it?
How specific are you, just ask for a review or direct them with a link to places like google, yelp, etc.
Do you ask Agents for reviews?

I sent you our email.

btw, I was born in Lompoc.

Got it, thank you very much John.
We just returned to Lompoc after 20 years in East San Diego. Enjoying being back in small town life.
What kind of response do you get from this letter?

Can you share it? East San Diego is small town :slight_smile:

What is your email?

Well… we lead our area in reviews. I got one today on Facebook.

Frank@sdthermal dot com


Me too, and it’s not even close:grin:

Michelle may have had a hand in helping me set it up:wink:

Email sent

I was just thinking how I need to set this up myself. do you mind sending it to me as well John?

Thanks ahead of time.

Can I please have one too John david at asselin dot ca

Thank you for sharing.

Thanks John. Great letter!

Can I get a copy also. lol Thank you so much.

Email sent David and Gabriel.

Thanks Frank but it is pretty simple.

We got another Facebook review today. :slight_smile:

Some people just send us a note and we usually just make a post out of it.

I just have the Yelp link in my follow-up email. I’ll be adding the rest.

I send a email, but I get very few people who follow through.

I would love to read John’s email too! Maybe I just need to phrase my email better.
Thank you.

If you guys use ISN they have a template letter, you can either use it as is or modify it to your liking and then just add a link to where you would like them to review you i.e. Google, Facebook etc.

The easier you make it for your clients to review you the better chance you have to get a review.

The point of the email is to make it easy for the client to send us a review.

I think one of the key things John pointed out was to send this letter right after the inspection. I was using the ISN default 60 day letter modified with links to my review sites. Need to get them right after their positive experience with you and not after the hell of escrow.

Mine is sent out the next day, I want them to be able to review their report and in the letter I ask them to call me if they need clarification on anything in the report and I finish the letter with “…if you were happy with your inspection I would greatly appreciate it if you would click on one of the links below and let other know how you felt working with us…”