Asphalt shingle to Modified Bitument transition

Inspected a roof on a reno; house is 78 yrs old. The majority of the roof is architectural asphalt shingles except for a portion that is modified bitumen (MB). I’ve never seen a transition like this. I don’t know how the transition from MB to shingles is supposed to work. It’s my thinking that if MB was required then it should have passed over the hip, not just come close to it. I didn’t take a measurement as I was trying to get off the roof before the rain hit and was literally walking and taking pictures with the intent of sorting it all out later. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

It looks like rolled roofing on top of dimensional shingles…no good!

Time to refer to a real qualified roofing contractor…not uncle “Bob”.


That’s one hot mess.
I’d guess that crew hadn’t worked with flat roofing prior to that job.
Pitch doesn’t look that shallow from here.

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The roof covering is an issue. Recommend a qualified/licensed roofing contractor. However, the framing appears to be “unique” as well. Did you get a good look at the attic in this area? Seems like someone put an addition on at some point and didn’t plan very well.

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Adam, unfortunately the attic access is at the other end (the shallow end) and the gas heater is literally at the top of the pull down. No access. The house is a hot mess.

Hey Larry, the whole house is filled uncle Bobs.

Sound like you have some narrating to do…LOL

“Some?” I sense a pen name in my future.

Serious hackery :sunglasses:

It looks like peel and stick cap sheet over the existing shingles, as some sort of repair.

Had this yesterday, Anthony. A tree had damaged the roof, and he had a “qualified roofing contractor”
repair it. Yes, it still leaks. :roll_eyes:


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Stick and peel roofing? Seriously? do they make that? No way

But Joseph, that looks like such high quality work, there’s no way it could leak! (sarcasm)

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Run away, run away LOL

Dang, man. Learn something new everyday. That’s what I love about this job.