asphalt shingles installation?

I work with a crew of carpenters and we were comparing our roofers we have used in the past. We had a roofer install his shingles working strait up the roof with 6in steps. so every other row had its joint over top of the row before. Hard to explain but every row working up the roof staggered 6 inches. Is that installation method right or wrong or don’t make a difference. It wasn’t the typical stair stepping method.

almost every package of shingles i’ve seen have or the mfr have websites with specific instructions…follow them or any warranty will be void

1/2 tab or 1/2 shingle is wrong until proven differently and gets reported

almost every package of shingles i’ve seen have or the mfr have websites specific instructions…follow them or any warranty may be void

1/2 tab or 1/2 shingle is wrong until proven differently and gets reported as deficient, prone to leakage, requiring mfr approval or complete redo per mfr instructions

I always ran my shingles for three courses before starting again.
Just like anything else with a butt joint, siding, flooring ETC, except sheet rock I guess.

It’s called racking.

It’s allowed by many manufacturers, but not preferred. It’s prohibited by some, and preferred by some.

One thing to look for missing nails. One nail at the edge of the row needs to be left out initially and sometimes roofers don’t go back to put it in.

I don’t mention racking as a defect in my reports. I do let them know it’s racked though. Half of the roofs are racked here.

I think racking is a poor method and short changes the owner, the rack seems are usually visible and after a few years the edges start to curl where the shingle was folded. I had a roofer strip off a new roof I contracted when he used this method…even after it was in the contract he couldn’t do it. Faster and easier for the roofing contractor…poor work that won’t last for the owner.

What ever anyone else has to say I don’t care … The friggin’ instructions are one every bundle.
Yes ?

Like it or not it is sometimes a prefered method. I did the step and the other methods as per the instructions on the shingle wrap. They were wrapped in paper when I started.

You can’t force your opinions if the inspector and manufacturer approve the install.

Rabbit runs, dormers, all use the 6" overlap with no bad results I ever heard of. Course I only did this since 1968.

We called it the “straight up” method. Only difference is I snapped 2 lines 6" apart halfway in the middle. I snapped a few chalk lines. Old school for 3 tab shingles. Cant do it properly with laminated shingles.

About 90% of the 3-tab shingle roofs in Florida are installed using the rack method with no issues. Laminated are always stair-stepped. Just the way we hang…

Wow! thanks for everyones input I was not sure anyone would understand what method I was trying to describe Its called Racking thanks alot. Peter I agree 3 courses I think would be the best way to go. Our roofer did go back and put nails on the end of his shingles he was a really good at what he did but he moved out of state. Now she roofers we have been going through cant keep shingles on the roof.

With some CertainTeed shingles racking is the required method. With some shingles it’s prohibited, and with some it’s OK but not preferred.

Local installation practices have nothing to do with what’s acceptable if the client wants to take advantage of any manufacturer’s warranty that might remain in effect after the sale. Unless the manufacturer’s instructions are followed, the warranty will be void.