Miss aligned shingles

12 years old shingles, 1 layer. Miss-aligned shingles at portions of roof surface. Seems like a fastener issue or poor workmanship?

Observed numerous nail pops and improperly located nails.

Just curious on your opinions of the miss aligned shingles

Most roofers employ the stack method of installing shingles verses stepping.
Many if not all manufactures warn against using the stack method, mostly for aesthetic reasons however the majority of installers make their money by the number of squares they can install…stepping takes more time but produces a better result…especially with 3 tab shingles.

Simply annotate same on your report, explain same to your customer as well as advise them as to what manufacturer recommends (if you know who the manufacturer is provide installation instructions)


Those shingles are installed using the racking method. It’s required for a few models, permissible but not preferred by others, and not allowed at all by some. The gaps are excessive.
Recommend evaluation by qualified roofing contractor.

I did recommend a roofer as there were other issues as well, like nail pops, improper fastener location, missing step, counter flashing, prior repairs to flashings with stains, patches below.

I just wanted to inquire about the shingle alignment.

By the way excellent roofing course from Nachi TV Performing a roofing inspection part 1. I downloaded the PDF and it has info on the racking as you guys stated.

I believe these are Certainteed Shingles.


Resize fastener.jpg

Nail 2.jpg

Those are laminated/architechural shingles. I don’t believe racking is ***ever ***approved by manufacturers. They, specifically, show application method and offset on the package for best appearance and to avoid damage from over bending the heavy shingles.

Larry, I was looking over the Certainteed shingle applicators manual and you are right one about the racking.

CertainTeed recommends using the racking method on Grand Manor, Carriage House and Centennial Slate models. Applicator’s manual pg. 150

Thin, huh?


On alternating courses where the right-hand shingle end was
purposely left unfastened, carefully lift the loose shingle end, so
as not to cause damage by tearing or sharply bending, especially
at the top of the cutout tab “keyway,” and slip the next shingle
underneath to butt the hidden shingle end.


Oh. Yeah, doesn’t seem like the greatest idea. Sometimes the roofers “forget” to go back and finish nailing.