Racking GAF shingles

I just stumbled on this. I thought others might find it interesting


Just about every roofer I’ve seen in FL installs 3-tab with the racking method, but all use stair-step for dimensional. I have seen roofers miss that blind nail when racking, and point it out to them…of course you get the standard come back (I’ve been installing shingles since…blah, blah, blah.)

Something else Juan I put in all my reports on homes that have newer roofs is that the new owners must usually (definitely with GAF) write to the manufacturer within 60 days of taking ownership of the property, or the roof warranty becomes less, or null. I had a friend buy a house in 2011 where the roof was put on in 2009. His shingles started having alot of wear so he did some poking around and found out there was a class action suit against GAF for shingle from their Georgia or Alabama plant from like 07-09 being defective. He called the attorney and the attorney said that since he did not notify GAF that he was the new owner, that he could not be included in the suit, and that his warranty was now squadoo. I know it’s exceeding SOP to do so but most people have no clue of this little nuance. Read the warranty, they mostly all say it. Had no idea myself.

Interesting Glen. Thanks for that info.

Brad. What blind nail are you talkin about?

When I used to install 3 tab roofs, I would do the extra walking to stair step them. A lot of other roofers would rack them two shingles width. They would never take the time to lift every other tab and nail the ends. Besides, you can always see a roof that has been installed this way because the color doesn’t blend. Nowadays it doesn’t make sense to use 3tab because laminated shingles are so much better, popular, and cost effective.

When you install the shingle in a vertical stack, you can’t put the last end nail into the shingle yet or you won’t be able to get the next column of shingles under that nail. You then have lift the end of the shingle up to put a nail in the lower shingle (blind nail). In other words, installers that don’t get that blind nail are leaving half of the shingles without a nail on the end.

I get it now. Sounds like it would be easier to just do the stairs.

It’s not easier for 3-tab. Keeping the keys straight is hard enough, stair-stepping makes it harder…that is the reason for racking.

8 years ago I hired a roofing contractor for the roof of my garage addition; I told the contractor no stacking and he had to use the stair step method. When I came home that afternoon I see his crew finishing the last section and they were stacking. I said nothing to the crew…went in the house and an hour later the owner shows up and says he knows I am upset. His crew must of called when they saw the look on my face. They all knew I was pissed. Owner offered to strip roof and start over or give me the job for free. I took the free job. I can see the stacking lines everyday but figure it was free so I live with it. Probably wont get 20 years out of them…we’ll see.

It really varies. Most manufacturers for most models say it’s acceptable, but not recommended. For some manufacturers and models it’s not allowed at all, and for a few, it’s required. I always recommend a contractor when I see it unless it’s one of the few I know.