Asphalt shingles

This roof, according to the permit, was installed and finalized in July, 2010. Looks like a lot of granular loss on these shingles. Any comments would be appreciated.

What areas were those worn sections in or was that the condition throughout? Often you can get granular wear just from foot traffic of the builders. Since it looks primarily worn on the built up parts of the shingle I would suspect foot traffic if it is only in a few locations.

You can also sometimes determine if it is foot traffic if the wear is in the most logical placement for a ladder and safe access to the roof.

Probably Shangle but could be anyone of the family.

Because it is a recently installed roof you might advise your client to call the shingle manufacturer. They should be under warranty and the manufacturer may send someone out there to inspect.

I agree. Most (not all) wear is on the shingle butts which is typical of footwear. Were ares of damage localized, along natural paths of travel, or uniform across the roof?