Assured Bio Labs is Awsome!

Found a local lab the other day in Oak Ridge, close to home that can do most types of testing. Dropped off some mold tests the other day and got the result back by the time I was home. They even let me look at a couple through the microscope while I was there. They can have most results back within 24 hours of recieving them for $22.00 a sample. Call or message me if you want more info. I don’t think you will find a faster turn around for a better deal.
The place is assured bio labs in oak ridge TN, if you do a search you can go to their site and print off you chain of custody forms.

Thank you Sir!
Will check it out.

Gezz David do not call him Sir we have to put up with him lol

Me’thinks you mean… “**chain of custody” **???

Depends where your from:p

You must be thinking of another kind of ‘chain’! :mrgreen:

Yeah, my bad. Too much time in the Navy I guess. You know what I mean.

lol no Sean you are thinking of your wife lol