Attention Canadians

I just had a Homie call me to verify about FP panels in Canada.

He is on an Inspection and the agent told him many local Homies are writing these up as being obsolete needing immediate repair .

I told him unless there is something wrong in the service they are OK you can still buy them and the breakers too.

Some homie could end up in difficulty if they are not careful.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!

Still sell the breakers at all main depot stores. Still needs to be checked by a Certified Electrician.
Replacement is not your position to ever put on a report unless as Greg points out it is broken.
Roy it still needs to be clarified the difference between FP and FP.:wink:

Based on what, Kevin? Please provide some information that is relevant to Canadian FPE panels that would support your opinion that they need further evaluation.

Ok I do not want to start this again so you can rip this apart Jeffrey.
I am not saying that they need to be replaced. I am saying that they all need to be checked by a Certified Electrician. This relieves you of any issues on these breakers and panels and I report them as such.

Still needs to be checked by a Certified Electrician.
Do you recommend this with all panels or Just FP.
If only FP.
Then you are showing your are Biased .
Sorry that is the Wrong thing to do .

I know exactly what you’re saying, and you are wrong.

Well it won’t be the first time you have said this so the only thing that matters to me is the Insurance companies not some distinguished individual from the US.
Yes I report every FP panel according to the age to the Clients after that they call up the Licensed electrician to check on them.
I recommend you follow what is expected in your area.

Sorry I can not recommend you to do an inspection … Roy

Good to hear Roy! I would not do Inspections like you I am sure. I think many will agree with me to listen to what your Insurance company wants you to do and even then I bend a little.

Interesting can you please show us what your insurance company said regarding FP panels .
I have never seen any thing where they have gone against CSA Canadian standards Association

Let it go Roy! This is not against the CSA. What we do as Inspectors with Electrical panels will however be debated until the end of time.

Now you said your Insurance company gave you some direction .
I would love to see this information…
I have no debate I have never seen any of this information you keep talking about .
I want to be careful and not lead some one in the wrong direction.
Looks to me like you are the only one who says they are bad .
If you have more info please share it so we all are going in the same direction.
Thanks … Roy

Quote me correctly Roy!
You already have by stating what you did about FP without giving the whole story.
I give the whole story and let my Client decide whether they want to remove your panel or not.:wink:

With the spread of false and misleading information, such as what you regularly post, you may be correct. However, if you (among others) stop perpetuating this misinformation, we may actual get some clarity at some point.

You inferred that your insurance has “guided” you in this matter. Please share with us that information.

The whole story you gave was from some one in the USA who has an opinion .
This is not the same unit as Canada looks to me like you are in error .
I do not think they are correct about the USA Product either.

Now I wonder who is correct me or you?? .
I would appreciate some hard facts not opinions.

If we can not provide proper information how can we expect our client to make a decision with no facts.

You already got that I can’t remember how long back by a Certified Master Electrician. Jury is still out about the design of the older FP’s. I would not care if you had a court document telling me they are safe as I have seen how they perform first hand.
That is my proof!!!

Gee I saw a Good year tire fail so Now I now know how they preform first hand .

Thanks for the info .
No facts just an other opinion . lousy proof the way I see it.
4 electricians in my family two master and two not .
We never said FP was bad.

My house is 26 years old and no concerns with my 200 amp FP Panel.

Are you saying that the Certified Master Inspector and my own eyes are not good enough to make a decision. I have not in anyway told any Home Inspector to follow me, but what I do.
So I am going to turn this around and ask what you do when evaluating a FP?

Gee I saw a SQ D explode But that does not influence my opinion on SQ D still a great panel ,
Same with Good year tires one exploded caused serious damage but I still think the too are great tires
FP If it looks fine Then no concerns and move on .
One panel could have some difficulties but I do nor brand them all.
Yes you can make a decision on what you see but too say all are FPs are bad is wrong