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I would appreciate any feedback on this panel, from what you can see in the photos(visible defects, recommendations). It’s an FPE panel,(my 1st) rated for 200 amps with stablock breakers…but up here in Canada-I’ve read up on the FPE panels in the US, don’t know if that applies here…

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I would say yes If i remember right when i was living up there it was problem
Moved here 11 years ago Paul my brother lives PTBO . he is a Realtor but i do not hold it against him

Thanks Wayne. I’m looking into it further.

I can tell you the black breakers are older. Newer FP breakers are white with colour-coded handles, green, red, blue, grey. They are very common panels in the west. I suspect the new breakers have improved tension in the contacts because they do not flop around like the old-timers do.

Blue handled 15a breakers without the hole in the handle, manuf 1996-97 were recalled by Schneider for possible failure to trip, sounds familiar?

It appears that the new panels for sale at Home Depot have gone back to all black breakers???

I’d call out this installation for possible amateur handiwork and let an electrician make the final call.

John Kogel

here is what i found for you Paul


I have never heard that there was a difference. Does it have the same problems. it looks like the back side of the panel has a black spot which could indicate arcing. The breakers are different the the ones i have seen here in Oregon. They look more a Zinsco/Magnatrip breaker which have a history of their own.

Thanks John. Yes I found that recall information and we checked-none of the breakers applied. I did recommend an electrician (there were numerous other issues with the receptacles around the house and the panel did have a double tap and an opening in the cover. The breakers felt a little loose as well, but I think that’s maybe typical with this setup). Anyways, the electrician was by yesterday evening. He wasn’t too concerned (didn’t actually know about the recall or the troubles of FP panels in the US), he thought it was a pretty commmon panel. I guess it depends on who you get to inspect… Anyways, he gave the client his advice (system ok) and a quote for the repairs. The second opinion/inspection from the electrician is good for both client and myself. There is some statistic I read that shows electrical issues as the leading cause of house fires in houses 30 years+. It’s worth getting an electrician to inspect I think with this older equipment, especially when there are other repairs to look at anyways.

Thanks Mark, John and Wayne for the comments.