Attention Inspecton Industry Vendors: Free booth space and stage time.

InterNACHI has some very large events coming up this month. We’d love you to be there to tell us about your products and services.

The following events are free to vendors who wish to set up a booth and also address the audience at no charge:

Denver, August 6: (over 100 registered, 150 expected)

Portland, August 15: (over 40 registered, 90 expected)

Fort Lauderdale, August 26: (over 100 registered, 150 expected)

Denver, September 3: (over 200 registered, 350 expected)

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There is also this huge chapter meeting coming up in Jacksonville, but you’d have to ask Steve Taylor if there is a cost to vendors as that one isn’t my event:

Cool. I’ll be at both Denver events. Ben will be at the others. If you have a bunch of stuff for that you want to pre-ship, you can ship it to me ahead of time and I’ll bring it to Denver.