Attention inspectors: Join for free now. We're working on something big

Anything for you Pal.
I just signed up.

I got this message, See below. Did I do it right?
You are already in our member list

I guess so i checked local inspectors for my area and got this. See below:
Local Inspectors
Michael Meeker
Meeker Industries, Inc.
Dania Beach, FL | 9549220584 | E-mail | Website

Any hints on the something big?

We’re starting by having roofing salesman tell potential clients (during the bidding process) that they can keep their final payment until after the consumer has an InterNACHI member inspect the job. The consumer can pick the InterNACHI member of their choice from and pay them out of the final payment due to the contractor.

Yep, me too already a member.

It’s a great sales tool for contractors, helps the consumer be assured their job will be done propertly, and gets InterNACHi members more inspection work. Win-win-win.

Sounds great.

Here is what a contractor’s satisfaction clause might look like:


          Contractor agrees to pay up to $_____ to customer prior to final payment.  Customer must use the money to hire an InterNACHI inspector to inspect Contractor’s work.   Final payment from the customer is not due unless and until the inspector certifies that the Contractor has performed all work in a good and workmanlike manner consistent with local standards.

I also launched a free contractors association for the purpose of providing a way for me to roll out this inspection-generating program:

Nick the find an inspector feature isn’t all that great. If someone searches for an inspector in Richmond they won’t find me. They only find me if they search for one in North Chesterfield. They border each other. There needs to be a better range.

I Love It!!! This is great!

Thanks, Boss . . .
I’m in!

Great, Nick!
I’ll ask every contractor on my referral list to sign up!
Maybe that would be a request you send out in the next NACHI Newsletter?

im in too.

So I understand, the contractor is going to lower his profit, (or raise his price) to pay an InterNACHI inspector. Then, the final payment would be contingent upon the outcome of the inspectors findings?

Correct. It’s a sales tool for the contractor in that he can provide assurance to the consumer that the project will be done correctly. Conversely, Angie’s List only assures the consumer that the contractor once had a customer who liked him. It’s a very forthright way to sell a roofing job or whatever and gives the contractor a huge competitive advantage over the other bidders the consumer interviews.

Good luck with that.

Already in use with roofers. The salesmen love it… and so do their customers. Now I have to roll it out to all contractors. That’s why I had to launch the Contractors Association.

We registered domain name 8 years ago. Finally got it going.

Nick, what happened to the site, is it down?

I need some help with a contract to manage/oversee a project.

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