Attention NC HG Users

The Charlotte NCLHIA/InterNACHI Chapter is sponsoring a free half day Home Gauge training session for all Charlotte area inspectors.

More information on free HG training session

A special thanks to Russel and his staff at Home Gauge for making this possible!

Thanks Ken for thinking of HomeGauge. Shancy will be giving the training and she is very knowledgeable. I am doing one in Texas at the same time or I would attend.

See if you can talk HG into issuing an update to fix the weaknesses and bugs. It’s been years. Ask Shancy why the program only works with Microsoft Outlook. Ask her why the inspection stop time doesn’t transfer from Companion back to the Cloud. Etc. Etc.

Where is the Texas session and who is sponsoring it?

Sorry to highjack the thread, but I agree. Ask why the program has stagnated so long, did they fire all their programmers? No updates to bugs in years.


Classes - Texas Real Estate Education Training

Its the Feb 8th class. I have never been and I don’t know much details.

Hi Joe,
I think we have discussed this before regarding sending emails from the HG software. Thats an old legacy idea that will go away. Most people use a calendar or scheduler outside their report writer. We have had some updates To Android as well as ios. Maybe there is a bug you wanted us to fix and we haven’t yet?

We are working on a new modern HomeGauge. we have several programmers and this year some long awaited improvements are scheduled to come out.

Regarding the email feature, I send confirmation and followup emails to clients, schedule pest inspections extracting relevant data from the program, and other types of emails and like the current flexibility of communication with my clients and sub-contractors directly from within the software. To call that “legacy” is misguided. It would be a PITA for me to have to log on to your website in order to send MY clients and contractors a tailored email utilizing report data.

Regarding programming complaints, here’s a thread started and ignored almost a year ago.

That thread has many old comments and pokes and hijacks. Not going to read it again.

Back to your latest complaint…We have had updates since then on the HG companion as well as the main version. Some android issues along the way not our fault has been corrected by their own updates and so on.

An update to the Android HG companion is giving the ability to sign forms and use pdf forms like wind mit, 4 point etc. is coming out in the next 60 days or less depending on the testing. I’m trying to get the beta to it on my phone for ASHI IW next week in San Diego. We continue to make improvements but choosing other features and I get that we dont always pick the one that some others want.

A brand new HomeGauge report writer that auto syncs templates, auto merges, new spell checker, better navigation and more is already built and we will be opening it up to HG users as beta as soon as it looks a little more like HomeGauge.

Six spaces left as of today 1/24/18