New user

I started working with Home Gauge about this time last week. After watching numerous new user videos, the support center site, HG facebook page and emailing Russ and HG staff and I am about ready to go with the program.

I made a very rough sample and will continue to edit.
I still have to get my global list together.

The New user videos are great. I was trying to edit the template at the beginning without understanding the software.

It is best to pick a template, layout style and then just build your template as you go. HG did most of the work, why should I reinvent the wheel as they say.

I want to thank Russell, the HG staff and Billy B for there assistance and guidance.

This is great stuff!!\:D/

I am looking forward to my 1st HG report.

Welcome David!

Welcome David.

What were you using before David?

I am converting over from Home Inspector Pro.

How long did you use hip? What’s the appeal to switch?

I think that HG has a conversion tool for HIP. Did you look into that? Welcome to the family.

This should be a good move for you David. Onwards and Upwards.

7 Year HIP user.

Saving time!!

Lots of features with HG.

Yes, but only my canned comments are worth saving. I have my HIP template in the HG UnCategorized area.

I did not like most of my comments anyway.

Fresh Software, fresh verbiage.

I like it a lot (love it)

Russell, the staff, the HG facebook page, the support center and videos are excellent.

You might want to check out Kenton’s narratives. A real time saver.

Welcome to the top floor :cool: Congrats.

I too am a fan of HG’s features. But I have to say this is the first time I have seen someone switch from HIP. Welcome!

I have them and purchased a few years ago.