HomeGauge Cyber Monday ends today. Get in on the awesome deals today.

One day only.

no linky?

Just ordered mine. Another great example of how your Internachi membership pays for itself! Thanks Nick.

Welcome Troy!

I found it. Got the Twofer deal with the Companion. Can’t wait to see what this can do.

Excellent choice Tony and Frank!

Home Gauge is the best software designed and refined by the #1 home inspection software provider in the industry.
They’re originators not imitators.

Are you getting a commission?

Just telling it like it is.

I hope I like it as much as you.

Have you ever lied …Even just once?
Linas tell the truth…

He is lying now as HIP is way better.
Faster and more attractive.
HG does not work with Apple products on mobile.
HIP does.


Not yet ,but I use HG Companion on a Note 1 and complete my report on a Mac Air Book.
You’re still doing your report at home and taking 3 hours to complete it. 6 hours on a home inspection just ain’t right. Especially after you’ve been doing this for 8 years now.
Something ain’t right.
It’s either you or your software.
Which is it???

Yeah I heard your reports suck.
You are such a big Apple FanBoy and your HG can not even work with the OS.
Is Apple the problem or HG ?

HIP has been doing Apple mobile for years so when and if HG ever figures out something so simple will they still be an originator ???

You have stationary?,A glossary ?,Color Borders?

Face the fact that HIP is the originator which is why Billy gave up and came back to the better software.

8 years using a copycat and still takes you 6 hours.
And you can’t figure out how to do an onsite inspection report!!!
When will you learn??
Don’t be a tard.
Remember when Home Gauge was one of the original home inspection report writing software programs???
The copycats and imitations followed the leader and will never catch up.
You have stationary?,A glossary ?,Color Borders?

I don’t need a coloring book.
Don’t be a tard Bob.

Matrix was before HG …you still using Matrix ?

Don’t be a tard Bob.

Funny how Bob is over here at the HG Forum. Are you lost Bob? Tell Billy its okay if he switched back to HIP. I never knew he was with HIP anyway? I think everyone should be happy with whatever software they choose. But, HG has more features and can be modified more than any other inspection software. Only 3D comes close.

ios…HG Companion for IPhone and Ipad…is almost ready…when it comes then finally I can stop eating crow. Over the next year…you will see a lot with HG. It’s a good time to be a HG user.