Attic findings

Anyone knows what is this use for I couldn’t figure it

01-10-06 002 (Small).jpg

Earl, if you get an answer to your’s then come over and help me with mine.:smiley:

looks like maybe a schandeleir support.

Was there an air conditioner air handler or furnace in the attic that this could have been used for lifting with?

Earl, was there more than one of these, or did you see another hole in the roof? Sometimes, particularly in townhome developments, the builders build the roof on the deck where it’s easy to work on, then lift it off till the wall frames are erected. Then a crane lifts the entire roof onto the top floor wall. The device you’re seeing may be to attach the cable from the crane to the roof, although I would have expected to see more than one. They may have just forgot to remove this one, if that’s actually what it is.

Looks like a tie off point for roofers on a steeply pitched roof. I used to see them all of the time in northern VA. Was there a tie off point on the exterior of the roof?

If what remains is a nylon rope, then Blaine’s explanation (if the roof is sttep, is plausable, though I usually see step nailers used by the roofers, or scaffolding. If it’s a cable, then I agree with Mark, that it may have been used to hoist the roof section into place.

From the picture, it looks like a steel cable with a loop on the upper end, the type used to slip over the hook on the crane cable.

They are used to support TV and CB antennas. Also Satillite Dish. Should be a nut on top for threading support in…

No there was nothing in the attic

no that’s the only one and yes it’s in a townhouse development

Upon closer scrutiny, it appears to be a tie-down for an S&M operation. . . .

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Looks like a tie down or a lifting mechanisim due the ruptured hole above it in the roof sheathing.


Its a tie down for the roofer, or the carpenter. I see it alot, but they are usually nilon, and tied through the ridge.