What is this????



While inspecting this roof today I came across a steel bracket visible on the truss in the attic,and then observed this metal thing sticking up through the roof.It almost looked like a bracket used to lift the truss into place(with a boomtruck).There was not a hole visible on the topside of the bracket,so I am not sure what the function of this was.Anybody Know?

it is for fall protection----they just leave them in place after construction. Sometimes the cap is laying on the roof as the last guy off pulls the rope through the hole. This one has the cap on it.

Were you on the same roof as me today?

Thanks Charles
Were you in NC Tony?:wink:

Are you seeing a lot of that Aluminum Foil OSB in your area?

I wish I were in NC…mine were a bit different but same idea…I’ll post a pic tomorrow…

We see a fair amount of it ,looks kinda flimsy to me.