Attic stair "leg extensions"

Anyone ever seen this type of attic stair? Do you think that these were added because legs were too short? They were cumbersome, to say the least, and not really stable.

Thanks in advance.

Looks like two attempts at the extension as the hinge is on the wrong side.

They do make ladders for differing height ceiling ranges.

Write up what you see.

From the floor, looks to be a garage and prob. has a high ceiling. Someone used one that is too short. I agree, write it up, move on. Many accidents in the home from ladders.

It is the wrong size ladder. You will probably also find what is in the picture where it is attached in the attic.



I am so glad that other inspectors call that out. I did an inspection for a client and called out that the attic ladder was in need of repair and that it was unsafe to use the ladder until it was either repaired per the manufacturer’s criteria or replaced. The same issues as what Eric pointed out are the same issues I see all the time. The Real Estate compwny took my cards out of their office a week later. I must be doing something right. :wink:

Several times I’ve found stools next to the steps to make up the height difference when it didn’t reach the floor. (even on a 600k house). A duck is a duck, call it out.