Next time, I'll just bring the 24 footer ......

But in a pinch, this 6’ extension gets me up to the gutter. :stuck_out_tongue:
This works for me, 162 lbs, 19 foot “Jaws” ladder, which is a bit heavier and stiffer than the Little Giant imatations I’ve seen. For tomorrow’s 2 storey duplex, no deck, I’ll bring the tall ladder on the roof rack, not so springy. :smiley:

I would never climb a ladder without at least two rungs above the top.

I always have my 28 foot fiberglass.

Aw heck, you could have put an extend n climb on the small shed roof. wimp…lol

Never thought I’d see anyone crazier than myself with ladders!!! But you are it!! Looks not too bad though. After having a Jaws 22’ for 23 years just bought the 26 footer…very happy to have the extra 4’.

Just did an inspection with a newbie realtor who’d been through about 15 inspections in his first year…He said not one other inspector went up on the roof!!! What the hell are they inspecting???

He said he was sh-tting bricks while I was on the roof…a 8-9/12 slope. Other inspectors claimed to him it was very dangerous to go on roofs!!! So he figured I was a bit crazy but was very worried I’d fall on his watch!!!


There have been lots of discussion on ladder and roof safety. If you think its ok, go for it. Personally as the sole inspector, I am the main income provider. If I take a fall and survive, then I am in for a long recovery and potentially have to look for another source of income because the injuries will probably limit what I can do.

Frankly when they are that high and steep, I will view from the ground as did the previous inspectors. If I see a problem I will refer it to a roofer who have the right safety equipment. For the small fee we get in relation to the risk, my binoc’s and ultra zoom on the camera work just fine,


This is why they make binoculars :slight_smile:

I carry a 13 foot telesteps ladder and nothing more.


How do you guys do flat and low slope roofs?

i walk them

I would not get up off the ladder in this case, too hard to get back on.
The gutters were clean, the valley was woven T-lock asphalt shingles growing a good crop of moss, both invisible from any vantage point on the ground.
Still, at another time and another place, I could have given a similar report just with the binocs.:cool:

My Jaws is claimed to have a 22’ “working ht” but is actually 19’ in length and with the angle, the reach is just over 18’ in reality. I mostly use it without the upper sections as a handy folding 14 footer.

You know, they also make a version of the Little Giant that’s not so little.

Little Giant “skyscraper”:


Been there, done that, lost 15 years of the prime of my life as a lineman going off 40 feet.

Ladder safety is first and foremost! Safe use of a ladder means not to extend it past 80% of the intended height, i.e. 24 foot ladder should only reach 21 feet, and use the 4/1 rule. Heal of ladder away from the placement one foot for every 4 feet of height.

Falls make up a majority of accidents along with sprains and strains. Come on people let’s put safety first. Most of us work alone. Doesn’t it make sense to take an extra minute to ensure we are utilizing safe practices?

I can’t agree more about ladder safety. In my 30 years of building before becomin an inspector, almost every injury I saw, including every injury I ever had, was because of ignoring ladder safety. I only carry a heavy duty extension ladder. You can call me old fashioned, but I just don’t trust the folding, telescoping, etc. ladders.

You were a lineman for the county…
And you list 15 years.

Falling off a ladder because I was young.

(Sung to the tune of Glen Campbell’s “Witchita lineman”.

Could be a new themesong, Russel? :mrgreen:

With 164,000 injuries a year in the USA alone, this is a serious subject.

I recommend everyone watch this video.ladder safety.

Your a better man than I, 4 knee surgeries in 3 years on top of being 1/4 Polish keeps me at the eaves of most homes over 6:12
walking/crawling an attic is something I do every inspection.

Yes please.

I had a 32’ blow off a building in November and knock me to the ground took must of it in may shoulder and a 3" gash in my head. never saw it coming, but i heard it coming done the side of the building. the roofing contractor had just stated its windy i better get a rope to tie off the ladder. too late. it took 3- months for me to get back into shape.

I always have a 28’ fiberglass one on top of my van, works most of the time, a little heavy to lug around though. I don’t walk anything over 8 pitch any more without some sort of safety gear; fractured L2 vertebra a long time ago, no spinal cord damage but it really hurt; real bummer learning I wasn’t bulletproof.

Hey J.!

    Your own safety should always be your first concern! It only takes a second, and one mistake in judgement, to drastically change the entire course of your life.