Ladder for attic use

Hello Inspectors,

I have a question I hope I'll get some response from.

I’m a new inspector. I purchased a telescopic ladder to use for my roof
Inspections.But what about one for using to get access into the attic?
I guess I need to get a A frame just for attic access right? Can’t use the telescopic ladder because there is no place to rest the ladder because the hatch needs to be lifted up. It’s a crazy question I know but am I right? Can I use the telescopic ladder for attic access if there is a hatch? Thanks for any feedback. Matt.

I have a little giant and an extend-an-climb telescoping ladder. The telescoping is my go-to because of its light weight. I frequently lean it carefully against a wall and can use it to raise the hatch, then I stick it up through the scuttle.

I use my extend n climb for attics daily.

Yep! And open the hatch with it.

I have never owned a extend-n-climb ladder and for what reason I don’t know.

My inspection vehicle is a pickup with ladder rack I use the little giant extension 22 ft for residential roofs, 30 ft for commercial buildings, 6 foot step for attic excess hatch and a 3 rung costo step for measuring air flow on a up flow furnace or attic furnace. I have a 2 day commercial scheduled for next week and will be taking all my ladders. One ladder does not meet my requirements for a good inspection.
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Exactly. Would not be without it!


I have three ladders. Three different types.

Which one I use depends entirely on the situation.

Every attic, every roof can be different. What ladder is best for one house may be different for the next house.

I have a dozen ladders. I carry 4 in my van daily… if I need other ladders I load to them for the inspection.

I carry 4 ladders with me. I need a good short ladder/step stool to make it 5…


I carry a 3’ tall step ladder. If I can’t reach the attic or roof with it we don’t go.


Little giant 17 ft. Worked great for me 17 years .
Open Hatches in centre of garage no problem ’
Telescoping ladder Know of too many inspectors hurt no way would I have one .

Here is what you need. Telescopic Step Ladder

Another Telesteps collapse injury.

A very interesting read

That model has the one touch release.

I really don’t trust the one-touch release ladders I have seen in person.

It’s one piece of plastic between the ladder collapsing or not.

I use the Xtend and Climb. Yes, you have to undo each run individually, but that also means there is no one point to fail and collapse.

Jesus said, “Low, I will be with you always.”

I stopped using the telescope ladder after seeing video on their dangers. Now I use the Little Giant for everything.