Attic Vent Pipe Junction

Found this in an attic and am wondering if this vent pipe junction using a double San T acceptable? The only problem I can see with it is water not draining and remaining in the lower hub which has a plug in it. Thanks for any feedback.

  • Kevin

It should not be a problem. I would be more concerned about the moisture stains on the sheathing.

Duly noted. The vent pipes appeared to be adequately sealed with rubber boots and the flashing looked to be properly installed so I’m chalking the roof sheathing moisture stains up to an all-time record rainfall for the month on October here in Northern California.

LOL - who cares? It’s o.k. because there was a lot of rainfall? - did you tell your client that - lol? Was it leaking or not?
Roofs/penetrations shouldn’t leak, period.:wink:

If water can’t drain back through the vents it is wrong, there are lots of ways for water to enter, like condensation on a cold day. From the pic it looks as if the openings at the Tee could be at least partially blocked.