Vent Pipe Leak Inside Attic

Attached is a free graphic showing a leak in the attic when the vent pipe is improperly glued at a a joint.

Here is today’s inspection photo showing an attempt to prevent rain water from entering the vent pipe:


Thanks again, Randy. :slight_smile:

Many times just because it is a dry vent pipe , the plumbers not knowing any better do not glue the joints . Found it a few times looking for a leak in the roof boot area .

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Where do you inspect?

The only way to inspect something like that is if there is a visible water leak in a close location of a roof vent that cannot be linked to anything else or there would be no reason to know . Usually something like that would show as a water leak stain in the attic ceiling in the area where the vent goes thru the roof .

I’m asking where are you located where the plumbing system doesn’t get inspected by a plumbing inspector? Usually the pipes are tested and purple primer will indicate that the fitting has been glued. I am wondering how all of these fittings are staying together when they could easily be pulled apart?

Martin, only the larger cities in Missouri have building codes. Small towns and rural areas have none. The town I live in (population 20,000) uses 2018 IRC code, but outside the city limits the county has none. The city inspectors we have are lucky if they catch the big items, mostly things you can see while driving by.:see_no_evil:


Would be nice if they attempted to install the boot properly. An inverted boot seal is bound to dry rot and leak just the same as bad connection, if not worse.

I am located in New York state . Usually if the job needs a building permit , the building inspector will require a water test but joints can also fail with time . Also there are times that jobs are done without a building permit that require additional vents and usually the list expensive price gets the job resulting in a rushed work to save time not thinking or not caring of the outcome .

Randy, thank you for sharing the graphic, and the inspection pointer.

Or you run into this…“NEW construction”.


Someone considered this to be in the “not my job” category :smile:

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I don’t know who’s building homes today but apparently the real trades have retired and the B team took over with no training.

Here you go Martin. Would this be considered “a leak” in the attic? :slight_smile:

So true! I’ve worked with alot of plumbing contractors and 90% of them wouldn’t go on the roof to install the boot. They would run the vent then hand me the boot and say it was my turn to finish it :laughing:.