Autism spectrum /formally known as Asperger's syndrome

I would like to pose a question to the Inspector community. Do any of the veterans in the industry know anyone who has been a Inspector who had a mild form of autism? More specifically Aspergers syndrome.

I ask because the syndrome does not affect intelligence and the syndrome is actually beneficial in some aspects because of an ability to have a high level of focus for a long period of time.

In my eyes this is exactly what an inspector does.

So what does the syndrome inhibit?

The syndrome limits the ability to socially interact. They are unable to recognize social cues. The syndrome may also cause the person afflicted to be blunt, or have the inability to lie.

What is my point?

My point is, my brief time on the forums I have gathered enough information to form a hypothesis.
I watched how everyone has interacted with one another. I have also determined the extent of knowledge needed in the various fields involved with inspecting.

The one missing component is if one is open and honest can they overcome the stigma a of mental disorder.

Now, if anyone has come to the end of my dribble, do you know anyone that is in the field with a diagnosed case of autism?

I’m asking for a friend. :wink:

Please go somewhere else.
This is an inspector forum,

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Thank you for your insight @rlewis5.
I hold you in high regard.

Sometimes in my writing I include too much information or word phrases in a way that can easily be taken out of context.

This was actually to acknowledge that one with autism is similar to others in the field of inspection.

I was testing the knowledge needed and skills involved with inspecting.
I was not testing to determine if people had autism.

The entire purpose of my question is to see that if one is affected would they be accepted into the field of inspection or should they just not say anything.

When one has a disability either physical or mental there are obstacles to overcome.

A good example would be color blind or color deficiency.

There is nothing that keeps the person from doing the job. They just have to use other tools. Sometimes the person afflicted will struggle if they do not have the passion for the work.

We can all overcome our short comings.