Female home inspector speaks out


I agree. We need more female inspectors. Ashley is a great inspector and friend.


Way to go Ashley! :+1:


My wife, Amy, recently left a near 20-year long career in the medical field to join me as an inspector in my business, and so far she’s doing great!


The cancellations are concerning. Only way to change this perception is to press on I suppose.

I remember my time in the Air Force, I worked on electronic guidance systems. The female technicians shined. In my experience, they were more thorough, more conscientious, more patient and had greater attention to detail. The rest of us were basically breaking shit and getting mad about it.


In a former career, I was a mechanical designer working on high volume production tooling lines for precision computer electronics. I worked with many women in that job and they were some of the most detail-oriented and smart people I’ve ever known. The female who trained me in when I first started there out of college was one of the most brilliant persons I have ever met. It almost seems patronizing and I apologize for that, but there isn’t anything guys can do that women can’t do just as well or better.


I have been in business for quite a few years now and have not had any issues with being a female inspector. A couple of dads have followed quite closely, but I am sure they would have done that regardless of the inspectors gender. The ‘leg up’ I have noticed is single women LOVE hiring females, with the top feedback being 1. They felt more comfortable being at the house with a female. 2. They didn’t feel talked down to when explaining the issues found.
I believe a lot of the gender bias is how you present yourself. (i.e. If you walk in to an inspection as a “female” inspector or if you just walk in as an inspector.) Be confident and educate yourself so you know what you are doing and it doesn’t matter what gender you are.


Congratulations on your success Jennifer!


Well said Jennifer and as Kevin said, “Congratulations”!!


All our daughters deserve to hear this.


I never understand threads like this. Why do we need more of something based on gender, race, ethnicity or religion? Isnt this just a sanctioned discrimination. Most of us would rather be recognized by our ability and competence.

Best regards to Jennifer and Ashley.


Totally agree! It is overly used and holds no merit with me. 60 years ago, maybe…now, no.


I am a Internachi field trainer and I have just completed my training with my first female inspector. She was well read and knew a lot.She is going to do awesome because she will be chosen by female agents because she is female and her first inspections if all goes well her reputation will get out fast. I did warn her of the angry dad or relatives that feel they were good enough to look at the house to be purchased. This happens and you will win them over with a detailed report of things they would not have thought of. I teach whatever report system they use make sure to do a good job on it. The report doesn’t make the inspector the inspector makes the report. So gender does not make the inspector good or bad. Work ethics and integrity is a good inspector. Integrity is your best friend, this friend will make you do the right thing and keep you on the road to success

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