I received a phone call from the Better Business Bureau asking me to join. I obliged, not because I like them so much, but because I have had inquiries as to weather or not I was a member. So for a minimal fee, I will give them a try for a year.
I was with the Chamber Of Commerce last year, not one phone call, so there out the door.
Its time to try something new!
So I am oficially a member, and no mention of weather or not I am associated with OAHI.

I have never been asked if I am a member of the BBB, or COC, can’t even remember the last time I was aksed if I am a member of OAHI or CAHPI. Most likely cause no one knows of them. No advertising, no exposure, no status!

I have been asked several times if I am a member of OAHI, and a ton of times for the Better Business Bureau.