I requested information from the Better Business Bureau yesterday and received a call from them today. While I like the idea of the feeling of security it might give my potential clients, as well as the reciprocal link, I’m not very keen on the $735.00 annual fee required for membership.

For those who have been, or are, affiliated with this organization do you see the value and what has your experience been?

You will likely get opinions that run the gambit. The price sure has gone up since I was a member many years ago. I got tired of the constant appeal for money from them and dropped my membership after a couple years. I saw no increase or decrease in my business when I dropped them and did not see any gain from the membership after a couple of years. They were always asking for donations for some local charity or program for “under privileged” children. The final straw for me was when they asked for a couple hundred dollars so 4 kids could attend a concert put on by a rapper. I never did donate any money but got tired of the begging. Others have had better experiences because this is not the first time this question on the BBB has been brought up. My basic philosophy on this is if something does not produce income, it gets purged shortly. I found better ways to spend my money. Others mileage may vary.

I can say that I’ve had several clients hire me due to being a member of the BBB. It will continue being a BBB member due to the feedback I’m receiving from clients.

I can recall several clients also telling that they hired me due to my BBB testimonials.

Hi Vince,

I have been a member for a few years now and the membership has at least always paid for it’s self. I would recommend joining.

Ray T.

I was solicited by the BBB, and we talked about the benefits.

It seems if I am not a member and someone calls to inquire about me, all they say is numerous inquiries and no complaints.

But if I am a member they will tell the caller that HSH has had many inquries and no complaints…and he is a member.

The caller only wants to know if there were any complaints…and all those who told me they checked with BBB said they didn’t care if I’m not a member. All they wanted to hear was “No complaints.”

I am not a member…

They said “it pays for itself with just 2 inspections” from them…

So, I get 2 inspections at $350.00 each…that’s $700.00!!!

…and all it cost me was…$700.00…ha-a-a-a-y. wade-a minnut…