B-Vent and Sprinkler Pipe

Seems a little close to me

I would have to agree. . .

It does not seem very clever does it. The fire sprinkler piping had a temp rating 150 F.
I do not like going in attics with plastic sprinkler pipes as it is.


I agree. You would think the genius’ would know about the min.1" clearances on "B"vent to combustible materials. I wonder what the Local Bldg.Insp. was thinking when he passed this installation.

Hi to all,

I think you guys are failing to see the simplicity of this design. Flue overheats, melts sprinkler piping, cools down vent. What is your problem with that design?? :mrgreen:

BTW, for the uninitiated I am of course Joking!! :wink:




Brilliant O’boy, simply brilliant.
I’ll look for more brilliance like that, when you come back to the Atlanta area for another Comm. Insp. coarse. WOW, will they be impressed :>)

This should definitely fail inspection as the flute pipe is to close to the water line. It should be a 1 inch clearence around the flute pipe. Either the water line must be moved or the flute pipe. It should be marked in need of repair.