Single Wall Water Heater Vent Pipe


Brain do you use a co Tester at all ? just wondering what or if there was any readings

Nope, no CO tester for me, yet.

The gas company was just there and lit the pilot.

That insulation with that banding on it looks like it may be asbestos.

Sure find some good ones Brian.

Looks like Transit pipe, galvanized pipe, and smaller pipes are what?
Surprised you don’t see brass piping in this baby.

Water stains, foil faced insulation upside down. and god knows what else.

How long was that report.?


11 page summary Marcel. Most of the galvi was abandoned for newer copper piping.

How old was the home and how big?
Do you use Home Gauge Reports? That must have taken a bit.:slight_smile:

1600 sq/ft or so.

I use inspectvue, the report went pretty quick. Home was 50s’ block home, I have done a ton of them and they are all the same after a while. :smiley:

Are you referring to the Transite vent pipe? It’s a “single wall” but it’s a listed B-vent. I always recommend replacing Transite pipes with steel vent pipes. . .

Wow I did not know transite vent pipe was listed as B-vent Jeff. Thanx, though I always recommend replacing them due to the age alone.