Back from re-inspection and have more issues

So I came back from doing a re-inspection for a client that I did a four-point inspection for and I still have some issues after the electric company has been there to fix the problems. Now a lot of what I seen has been addressed but there remains to be some issues. First in the sub-panel some of the breakers are loose and that was in my original report. So I am wondering if I am being too crucial on what I consider a loose breaker. When I life up on the wire to see if it was tight the whole breaker lifted as you can see in the picture. I could lift it a lot more than seen but didn’t in fear I might take it off completely. So am I being too crucial on this issue? I know I am not the most knowledgeable about electrical issues but I have a few questions about this next panel. I know a few inspectors have said they would still consider this a cloth wiring but I was wondering why. It is the wire with tinned copper with the rubber insulation from what I can see. Also in the same panel there is a bonding screw just left out and not in place. I saw no other evidence of bonding to the case and was wondering if I am missing something.2015-03-14 14.57.49 2015-03-14 14.57.54

2015-03-14 14.59.56 2015-03-14 15.17.14 2015-03-14 15.17.24

That is not a loose breaker. A loose breaker is one that is not fully engaged on the bus tab. That breaker won’t wobble when a properly configured cover is in place.

Regarding the bonding screw: Have you made a definitive determination as to whether that is service equipment or a distribution panel?

One picture shows two two pole breakers at the top. Another picture shows the top slot open. Is this the same panel? Is the main breaker there?

Sorry this is two separate panels

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Thanks for that, I guess I just became too accustomed to them sitting tighter and little movement. Shows my low amount of experience in the panel.