Backfilling foundations

see all that sand? lollll will be lots of settling, with or without rocks, concrete chunks etc mixed in

:45 1 wall already backfilled, Timmy says was just poured 1 week ago, he says, no vertical steel

1:40 where garage n driveway will be – i can’t see good enough if they used a membrane over the tar/mastic, they should have but whatever lol

3:55 – 4:25 backfilling with clay soil, oops

backfilling foundation

3:05 don’t want equipment operated next to basement walls, agree

3:30 $20,000 lesson, backfilling with WET shtt,= no-no, agree

man, just backfill with gravel, should have been ‘code’ all along, same goes for waterproofing ext-walls but they screw that up too

2:10, this guy says drain tile will be plastic perforated cheap crap ( see the depth to footing)…

2:25 says, water will be pulled out of the ground by drain tile – let’s not get this twisted, the cheap-O drain tile will NOT ‘pull out’ most or all of the water IN the ground aka, in the lousy backfilled soil - ‘some’ of the water that gets DOWN to those drain tile will get into 'em, some of the water will continue down, beyond, below D tiles! And alot of the water, rain… will soak into, saturate the lousy backfilled soil ABOVE the D tiles

6:55 SEE some of the lousy backfill,

so for those who believe it’s all about drain tiles and worship drain tiles lollll, WHY would you use CHEAP, plastic D tile at depths greater than 4’ deep? The weight of the lousy backfill can/could crush some of your beloved D tile, oopsie daisy. ( he said they will put 3–4 inches of gravel over D tiles lolllll). Backfilled soil is going to settle ATOP, onto your weak, cheap drain tiles = stupid but whatever lol


Good info Mark, thanks!

Hope you and yours are well and have a great New Year!


You think so?
This guy very crude, ill informed and writes like someone uneducated, and should be banned from the MB. Been my opinion for 10 years.

Yes, I do and many others appreciate Mark’s shared info…

More people think YOU should be banned from this forum than he…so, deal with it…!


Speaking of uneducated, your sentence structure sucks!!


The only one ill informed is you Robert, and you should refrain from those comments.
Mark know what he is talking about. I’ve been there too many times in building foundations to agree with what he posts on this subject.


thanks to the good, common sense inspectors here… i got this… hey Robert, fk off baby


He’s just trolling for someone to flag


he’s such a lil twerp, there was a time Robert came on these waterproofing etc threads and agreed with everything, shall i find n post? smfh

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We appreciate ya Mark


thank you Neil, shtt i need to hear that 1-2 times a year to keep me rollin’ lolol, TY man.

Yes. Have seen sand used in many areas I excavated surrounding Montreal.
Moreover… Can You Use Sand As a Backfill
Yes, you can. Sand is an important component of a well-backfilled hole or trench because it drains efficiently and compacts well, especially when moist. Backfilling criteria vary according to county codes, but will often contain a layer of aggregate rock used as bedding around pipelines and subterranean infrastructure.

yes Robert, i get it and understand sand can be used as backfill, have said it on this board many times but you apparently pick out the crap you like to chew on, eh.

Robert, have posted Fairfax county VA marine clay guide link here, prolly 100-200 times, they explain in article that yes, sand or gravel is best backfill, have you ever read that sentence or two in that link? lol

The bit of problem i, Uncle Bubba have with backfilling with THAT much sand is, it will settle more than pea stone n some builders are in a big damn rush n they’ll sometimes pour driveway or do brick pavers n landscaping etc too quick, well if n when they do then it’s more likely some driveway slabs or pavers or bushes etc will settle due to lots of sand, eh?

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thanks you Mr C !

Robert took his little blurb from this article. If he had posted his source, we could have read all the way through and read for ourselves the pros, cons and how to use sand properly. Of course, he just copied and pasted a portion to support his claim.


I always enjoy Mark’s posts and I love the way he writes. He reminds me of my Dad. Hell, I was 18 years old before I realized my name wasn’t asshole! I sure miss working with him. :smiling_face_with_tear:
Keep up the good work Mark and Happy New Years to you and yours!


Mike, how are you? I sent Tony a couple texts yesterday, he is happy n said, everything i dry

hahaha Joe!!! Ty man