How to install perimeter drain - This old house

looks like they sprayed on tar/mastic = damproofing, they call it waterproofing.

1:35 they lay down cheap plastic drain tile, depth will be around 6 - 6 1/2’,
manufacturer of D tile, “We recommend you do NOT use plastic perforated drain tile at depths greater than 4’ as the weight of backfill material can this drain tile to collapse”

3:20 they backfill with about 4" of gravel and they lay FILTER FABRIC over drain tile and claim,
“We want to make SURE NONE of the dirt clogs holes in perimeter drain tile”

Well, sand/dirt WILL go into their cheap drain tile , bet the house on it $$$$$ incompetent claim

-So we don’t know if they applied hydraulic cement IN-OVER rod holes before the thin tar,
-no visqueen etc to protect thin tar
-they use cheap drain tile that manufacturer says, do NOT use at this depth
-they misinform people about filter fabric

And the sand backfill will settle n some will get BEHIND that R 10 and loosen it off the wall a bit

If they’re so concerned (lol pfft!) about dirt getting in drain tile then backfilling with ALL gravel would have been a little better idea eh = rookies

If Bubba gets and wears pretty white safety helmet then will Bubba look as PROFESSIONAL as these guys? “Look” professional but don’t “be” professional at your trade eh, pfft

Whammer Jammer

Yeah and lets backfill by dropping dirt 15’ from an excavator bucket since that will self compact that way. That show had some entertainment value once upon a time, but they have done some stupid SH… over the years since “blondie” took over as host.


Keep up the good work, Mark… :+1:


But, it’s on TV so it must be the right way?? :joy: I did like the white safety helmets.

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Mark be happy! if @lkage & @mcyr built better you would be out of work! :upside_down_face: :smile:

Working Man’s brain bucket

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I can’t remember ever digging up a piece of that black pipe that wasn’t smashed flat…


We tried and tried, Simon. :wink:

Some are just better than others… :flushed:

ummmm no sir, cracks would still occur and subsequent leaky basements due to many things like expansive clay, underground tree roots etc… got milk? How ya doing Mr Simon?

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Just 4 u Steve

**It’s amazing how non stop critical u can be MARK/STEVE. U even go look for videos to ridicule. But where r yours? Let us see how you do your jobs. It’s easy to ridicule others when you don’t have to risk uploading your own videos of your own jobs for comparison. No one is perfect and no job will b perfect. Shit happens. What matters is always doing your best. each and everyday. Even so, some days “best” are better than others. I’ll never b perfect or ever say I am. I simply do my best which includes honesty, integrity and compassion. 3 traits to live by which make for a successful life.

This video might have one or two things a contractor or Inspector might not know. Might be some good info for someone. Like, not everything always goes as planned so always have a backup. As for you Mark/Steve? Feel free to do your thing. Lot’s of fodder 4 your criticizing expertise. God Bless u Steve/Mark/Bubba… Daniel J OConnor**

loollollllllllllllllllllllll no, Bubba has never posted his videos anywhere…

1 blind mouse, 1 blind mouse, see how it cries, see how it cries…


Who’s Steve?

Mark has posted plenty of HIS videos…that include guaranties against water intrusion into the basement/crawlspace.

Dan, what happened to Tabitha in Pennsuaken job?

Caption under Dan O’s last video in-part goes,
’ i lost my assistant, hired 3 replacements, then fired 3 replacements’

But Dan, remember you told us you have big time money and that you are the best so, NO worries lil buddy

hmm i wonder if Dan has ever HAND dug say, 1 wall in 1 day n waterproofed it n backfilled it w/most-all gravel, i bet ya he has not lol

How about we seen him in front of the camera?

yep machine head only (deep purple eh)

so with a machine you’ll quite likely screw up the grass, could crack 1 or more drive/walk slabs, could unintentionally hit a gas line, water line, sprinkler system etc n we have seen some operators hit siding, awnings lol plus one could lose empty beer cans outta machine, got milk?

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So this is one of MY video’s of a simple Job. Just recently uploaded. Everything I do has a purpose. Such as the intro pic. Anyone wonder what’s happening? Interested? I have 160+ videos on my Channel which r seen thru out the U.S. and Canada. I do video call estimates for people across the U.S. and charge $350 each. U can check it out on my web site, - where people can pay by credit card. Did one yesterday, Washington State. Another on Monday. On all my videos I am seen on each in front of the camera.

I have 3 crews and do on average 3 to 6+ waterproofing jobs per week. There’s also always a large job going on. I myself do not work on jobs anymore. If we only did 3.5 jobs per week that’s 14 jobs per month which is 168 jobs per year. On BBB I might get 3 - 5 complaints per year and each r addressed and satisfied. Who among u feel u can do that much work without a single complaint? And just that, “a complaint” which is always taken care of

So Marc/Steve/Bubba, out of all the work I do u managed to scrape up 1 or 2 complaints? If I didn’t know I’d be curious about why u r so obsessed with Dan OConnor Hydroarmor Systems. Anyone curious about why a Contractor from Michigan would be so obsessed?

And Steve/Marc/.Bubba, r u still sticking to your comments that waterproofing can only be done from the exterior and you dig out every job by hand? In business 40 Years?

Lets have a look at you. There is only one Mark Anderson Waterproofing Co on the Internet. Apparently u have a 3 star google rating. No Website. No Google Business Page and OOoops, imagine that? NO VIDEO’S? You have 2 Reviews and the first one sure does sound like you wrote it yourself. THE FOLLOWING IS HOW MARK ANDERSON APPEARS ON THE INTERNET. The factual internet. Not the imaginary…

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Danny Danny Danny, beer canzzzz Danny

it’s apparent YOU are obsessed with yourself lolol yep!

you think you are a bad azz when truth is, you’re weak and just another INT system big mouth

shttttttt lol i am not the least bit obsessed with your shoddy az, my main point originally per video from homeowner was, you did a pizz poor job for that homeowner AND you charged Steve $26,000, oh wait, plus the beer cans.

How is it my fault that the homeowner took several videos of a shoddy job YOU DID! I ! ! smfh

yeah man, posted that video and we saw how unprofessional you were there, how the visqueen was just dangling, crap all over his yard and so on. Was sad to see but it was also a bit entertaining lol

Dan, i’d like to speak with your lawyer if he has a moment for lil old me, don’t be afraid, just want to discuss a few facts with lawyer about fraud, misrepresenting homeowners problems, obscurring–OMITTING material facts from homeowners for your self gain so, msg me your lawyers number or slap it on here, remember you have tons of money and you said a great lawyer so no reason to be ‘skeeeeered’ of me

Hmm, whether i do one or five waterproofing jobs per year, why are YOU afraid of lil old Marky? I’m just a WWWittle guy lol, so as you previously wrote, why waste your time? Because you are obsessed with someone calling your azz out, doesn’t much matter if they live in Mich or Zanzibar now does it

Dan wrote lots of crap including, he said his lawyer told him HE is an idiot and this is a waste of time…
so why are you still here Dan? hahaha

and why can’t you keep your sorry az on one thread lol and Dan has yet to answer easy, direct questions i asked him about waterproofing, Mr Lighter than Air Beer Cans O Connor avoiding such simple Q’s

I don’t get it? You rant about how a new home drainage systems is done to code.
Must be your shyness that prevents you from referring to yourself as God.

Another foolish attempt at giving you a chance.
After 11 years I should know better.

Bobby sox, if you’re a good doggie then maybe Danny will fly up to Canada and kiss ya and take you up in the sky where you two can drop your empties outta the plane

…’ they RIPPED US OFF every way imaginable…’

Yep, happens all over, all states etc so suck it down big timer Dan, just because you’re blind doesn’t mean the rest of us are, moron

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