Good job camera!!

Had a inspection today.

Only a 13 year old building but former owner took most of the fixtures.

Client was insisting water be turned on, I told him be glad it is off.

So I take a pic through a very small opening and behold a burst pipe. The shut off is for the outside faucet. Nice location of access. You need to take a **** to shut off.:shock:

Lots of work for Mr.Plumber.

Damaged vent pipe in wall as well.

152509 051 (Small).jpg

152509 051 (Small).jpg

152509 065 (Small).jpg

152509 052 (Small).jpg

Nice catch!

Way to go

Yikes. I agree!

Good Job, Nice find.

Thanks guys!!

And the water was supposed to be turned on for the inspection. He (client) called me last night about the delay in the water being turned on, but when he stated that most of the fixtures were missing I stated it is best not to have it on at this time.

I would imagine the water damage would of been somewhat extensive from the size of that split in the pipe.

I wonder how many more areas that are concealed have issues.

This is what the kitchen looked like.

152509 044 (Small).jpg

152509 043 (Small).jpg