I was thinking about buying a new flashlight until I watched the videos. Can you imagine having to put out a fire during your inspection?


With a battery life of only 15 minutes, it would be pretty useless. Cool, but useless.

and You really probably want to have breakfast before you go to work…

I just bought a stinger led. So far it is working well.

The 3-Watt LED lights are great and cheap; batteries last forever.
Anybody hear of higher wattage on LED’s, let me know;
I’m a lightophile . . .!!!

Nice torch for 300 bucks, but it doesn’t interest me. I like my Mag.

You mean you never heard of the one I have been using the last year and sold at ACE Hardware for $30

4 count them …4 WATTS Buddy Boy.:mrgreen:


I love it and fail to see why I would spend more.

Yes the batteries last forever and I had to buy a second one only because I left it somewhere.

I have been using the same ultra stinger for six years now. Am on my second battery and third bulb.

Holy crap. How long till this company is sued out of existence?

I took about 3 seconds to catch paper on fire! This looks like the most dangerous item you could have in your home. It needs a child safety lock and a shield to keep fingers away from the glass.

My favorite light is the mini-mag. I know it’s not sexy, but its very bright and it fits in my pocket easily. When carrying around a moisture meter, IR camera, camera, flashlight, pen and paper, I need small equipment.

The bad thing about rechargeables is that if it dies, what do you do? You have to have a backup. With a mini-mag, I carry lots of extra AAs because much of my other small meters/equipment also uses AAs.

The LEDs put out a weird color light that doesn’t allow me to distinguish colors. Plus they just aren’t bright enough.


Those LED lights at the counter are not what you should be using.
Order the Ray o vac extreme and you will find it is brighter than a Mag light.
The best thing about LED is that you do not have that weird dark circle around the center that looks an eclipse.
You also do not need to keep buying bulbs as LED ghas no filament to break.
Personally I find the LED bulbs add more contrast much like a good bathroom mirror that allows you to see details.

I have no problem reaching the end of an attic.

I like this part!

This is my fave 200 lumens Inova T4


Useless as a flashlight. But you could start a lot of fires with this puppy in 15 minutes.:shock:

Very Nice Molotov cocktail.

I bought one online last night Condo…along with the Nickel Chromium Batteries, and Charger…will see how it works…I’m not very enthused with the Stinger either.

Best for the money I have found after using them so many years.
Never tried any off the internet though as it is risky unless your buddy has one.

For me it is about long lasting , durable, and bright.

Going around changing bulbs sounds like it is time consuming.

Yea… that 15 seconds is gonna ruin my day! :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought the http://www.rayovac.com/flashlight/se4w3c.shtml

Not all of us are so organised that we carry spare bulbs for a flashlight everywhere we go.:smiley: