New article on Chinese drywall

Inspected a home just last week and upon entering the “odor” was stifeling. Removed the electrical switch-plate by the front door and found the copper ground wire “blackened”. The buyer ended the inspection immediately and told his realtor (which was present) to head back to the drawing board and look for another home. Collected my fee and awaiting their call to inspect the next house for them. The husband thanked me for potentially saving them tens of thousands of dollars.


And I bet the seller did not disclose it.

Gary, apparently not. It is a REO so, when my client backed out of the deal the Bank asked to see the report. My client’s agent sent it to them, I believe. I think they had better disclose it from now forward. But, who knows?


Disclosures never being correct are being discussed throughout other threads on this message board. If lawmakers were smart, they would punish sellers for non-disclosure and/or writing false disclousure reports.

Of course then, inspectors would have to abide by the same laws.

The inspection I mentioned above, the buyers agent mentioned to me that the bank never signed the disclosure pertaining to the tainted drywall. After his clients backed out of the deal, he called the bank and the represetative told him “it must have been an oversight”. (Yeah Right!) LOL.

Hopefully this stuff will be weeded out in the near future just on time for the next crisis.

Good find Bob.

What development was it in.

Bill, sorry to get back to this thread so late. The one home I make mention of above is in The Isles at Oasis. Lennar community in Homestead. I have found it there in several homes and also found some inside Keys Gate, also in Homestead. In fact, the worse I have seen of the stuff has been inside Keys Gate. Really badly contaminated 2-story home.