Chinese Drywall Inspection

Resident very concerned she had Chinese Drywall.


What are you showing us?

Looks like she is a HE! To me. This is why photos can be so helpful in a post.

It’s too late, that drywall sure messed up her hormones. She turned into some ugly dude!!!

Mike, what happen was the entire condo was wall-paper and they started to see dark shadows through paper they got very nervous and wanted to have it inspected. No sign of Chinese Drywall could be detected. A/C, Wiring, Outlets all clear. Just A post, Mike how you doing? Thanks for covering for me it is nice to know you are always ready to help when I need you.

Linas, I like that good one! :slight_smile:

I am fine and glad I could help. Any mold behind the paper?