bad panel location

how close can a main panel be to a pressurized water source? The panel is where the service comes in but it is behind the dryer unit which is if cource next to the washer unit.


there is no restriction as to proximity to the water main, however any service panel should have unrestricted access in an area 30 inches wide 6’8" of headroom and 36’ of clear working space in front.



perhaps this will help


That’s a nice drawing William.
Remember, the 30" wide space does not have to be centered on the panel. The panel can be anywhere in that 30" space.

And has been said, there are NO restrictions with regard to plumbing and piping other than standard clearances to anything else.
Water has nothing to do with it.

The piping just can’t be in dedicated space or above the dedicated space … “foreign systems”.
I also understand that in old houses this is a lot easier said than done. It is a fairly new rule and in the olden days plumbers encroached on working space all the time.

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