Balcony off the Master Bedroom...Question

Home Built in 2005…slight tweak of a beam ( maybe warped a little)

Is this a concern?

What does MAYBE warped mean? Could you not see it better from the master bedroom? What was the span of that balcony? Looks rather long for just two 4X4’s. Picture could be deceiving though.

Thats the problem with being a Home Inspector and the word MAYBE. I am by no means ragging on you at all. If you see an anomaly, then INSPECT it and determine weather it is just a small warp, a defect, or an area that was hidden and could not be viewed.

I am wondering what lies behind the trim at the upper area. Is there any way it could be hiding where two pieces of 4X4 are connected because one was too short?

Without better pictures and better info it is hard to judge from here, but yes the area does look suspect.

No cross bracing either.
Yes write it up before someone gets hurt or killed.
Got any pictures of the ledger board.
Give us some closeups of the components.
If not, this is why lots of pics are important.

I am sure there are many things wrong with this deck ,
85% of the decks I inspect have a serious concern .
Recommened immediate repair by qualified person .

This deck could look like this one tomorrow .
Too may people hurt every week on bad decks


That is exactly what it looks like from here, (but judging from the guardrail, I’d say 6x6). :shock:

David, just below where your red arrow is, are those tie-plates? If so, you have your answer about the two pieces joined together.

Looks like a 4X4 to me…but thats just from a picture…

Must be the angle of the sun, as you are in FL. and I am in MN. looking towards CA. :mrgreen:

Thanks everybody…I think I can write if up now.