Patio incomplete, pics included

Looks like a old patio or room addition that somebody was in the process of
tearing down. The buyer of the house wants to remove it completely.
I need help with verbiage on how to write this up…


I think there’s an image of a face on the end of the raftertail in the last picture. Creepy!

I think I would say something like: Covered porch at rear of home is old and deteriorated, and is a safty hazard (from what I see in the pictures, steps at door, exposed seal plate bolts, etc.). An injury could occur if not corrected. Recommend a qulified building contractor inspect porch and repair or replace as needed. After that, I think it’s a discussion between buyer and seller whether or not to tear it down.

David, My comment above is just a real quick blurb. I have to run out now but I’m sure others will chime in. Good luck!

Robert, do you mean on the Face-cia board? :stuck_out_tongue:

David, are you looking for another word for Shrine? :stuck_out_tongue: Temple?

You should just describe it and call out hazards as Robert suggested. But it might be wise to suggest a call to National Enquirer, could be revenue property. :stuck_out_tongue:

John Kogel

LOL, Funny! David, if they tear it down, try to get that board and sell it on eBay:p

Rafter tail, sub-fascia, fascia, fly rafter, whatever you want to call it…It is creepy. Also looks like it is coming down the next time someone beathes on it. :smiley: