Looked under a Floor vent--

in a bathroom with a tile floor and what did I find?? Yellow board drywall. Sorry no pics, just happened to find it by chance.
I knew the kitchen was on wood, and went to show the buyers the bathroom as an example. Suprise!!
Why would anyone lay tile on drywall. I would never had thought anyone was this stupid, but I guessed wrong.

You sure it wasn’t cement board? Or tile underlayment? Some of that looks like it’s 1/8 inch drywall, but it’s not.

GP makes a tile backer with a yellow back. It looks and cuts like drywall.

I know it was not cement board. I have put down plenty of that. It crumbled with my fingers just like drywall. It looked like the fiberglass covered wet board. Good for walls in bathrooms at damp locations, but for a floor bakcing?? I did not know GB made a product like that to use. I doubt with the quality of work produced, and the fact the kitchen was laid over the plywood he would go to the extremes of using a specialty board.

I had one last month that just used regular drywall as underlayment for a tile floor. Sad but true.

And you wonder why you get Nasty emails!:shock:

Wanted to post an update. Jim sent me the link for GB, showing where the board was approved for flooring use. I thought the board was good for damp locations, but I would have never thought it was good for flooring. Thanks Jim, we learn somthing every day. The buyer felt a bit better also.

Please share…

Sent by Jim
It is called Densshield, It is similar to their other Board but it is a tile backer. My old boss uses it but I do not TOOO itchy.http://www.gp.com/build/product.aspx?pid=4684