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I thought this might be a valuable FYI, CYA for some new inspectors out there.

A buddy of mine bought a place around here this past winter. The place had recently been remodeled wall-to-wall, including a new laminate, Pergo, interlocking flooring in a few rooms and kitchen. Anyways, the whole floor buckled once the weather changed and floor heated up a bit and expanded. It was not properly installed w/ the required gaps needed around walls plus an island was nailed down on top of the flooring in the kitchen. If you knew what to look for you might have spotted the nailed-down island. But underneath the's anyones guess if the floor was properly installed with the needed expansion gap and whether or not the molding wasn't nailed into the floating floor as well.

Anyways, it might be worth an FYI disclaimer in your report if you inspect a property with this type of flooring. Especially in areas with vast temperature differentials from season to season. From what I understand the flooring at my friends was installed back in like January/February when this huge home was vacant and it was routinely below zero outside. Now here it is in the 80's a few months later and you could almost surf in his kitchen ![icon_lol.gif](upload://zEgbBCXRskkCTwEux7Bi20ZySza.gif) I of course feel for the guy but it is pretty funny when you see the place. At least he has a sense of humor about it.

By the way....anyone know what a typical installation goes for with this type of flooring? I've been looking online for awhile and have found anything from $5-$10/sq. ft.. I'm assuming that fluctuation depends on whether it's just laying the floor, period........or also doing all the prep work, sawing off jambs/door and trim out.

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expand and contract with seasonal temperature/humidity changes.

2.) Nail downs, i.e. island cabinets, etc? Nope. It's gotta float...every last square inch of it.

Pergo brand is relatively expensive for laminate...seems to sell for $2.75 up to $5.00/ sq. ft. at Home Cheapot around here. Knock-offs are often available for $1.25 to $2.50/ sq. ft at wholesale and warehouse outlets.

Installation is simple, except for the finish work. Moldings and casings will need to be cut and diddled-with as necessary. The planks themselves cut and lay very quickly. I keep an eye on it when I find it in the field, and definitely advise my clients about laminate's ability to expand and contract, so that oddities will not come as a surprise to them when the weather turns hot and sticky.

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