Propane fire place.

Hey everyone,

I’ve got a client who wants an inspection done on a house in a rural area in Oregon. The house has a propane fireplace but apparently the owners removed exterior tank that feeds the fireplace. The client wants the fireplace tested and they’ve asked if I can bring my own set up (portable tank with hook-up) in order to test it.

Should I even be attempting this?
Am I taking on extra liability by doing this?
Will a standard propane tank (like the one on my grill) work for this?

I’ve never run into this situation before. Anyone have any ideas?

No! You are crazy if you do!
Just think Towering Inferno !
The unit and the line has to be check by a professional.

Thank you Roy.

That was definitely my gut feeling but I wanted to bounce it off you all 1st.

You can recommend for a gas certified plumber to check out the system and possibly light the fireplace. Make sure the arrangement is conducted between the buyer and the plumber directly.

Absolutely not!