Banned from TIJ

Anyone who follows the inspector web sites knows that I have been a regular poster on TIJ as it is the first site I found when joining the profession and I have continued to post there since.
In general it is a descent site full of info that can be used along with helpful information at times.
There is a pattern that has always been there however and it has increased over time.
The same ten or so people have a tightly nit cliché and do most of the posting.
If you have any kind of opinion that goes against what their closed minds think, they band together and cut you down.
If you ever make a good point against anyone of this band of control freaks they edit you out.
I knew the beginning of the end had arrived when every time I tried to post , it would first go to Mike 'o who had to give it his approval before it was put on the board.
The final straw for him was when I took exception to his big TIJ story on NAHI vs NACHI which is not worth putting a link too.
You see when I put the truth regarding his motivation he not only edited the threads to reflect better on TIJ and his BAND of Freaks, but he sent me an E-Mail telling me I got my wish.
He then provided a link to the site .(nice touch)
All I can say is my forum at AR (Active Rain) gets more views than his site for good reason.
Everyone fears posting at a site where all they do is cut you down.
From what I have heard recently the lead idiot over there has a personal vendetta against NACHI and it shows.
Well that tiny little empty room of his just got a little more silent.
Oh and do not bother trying to comment about the NACHI story as his majesty has locked it.

Welcome to the real world .
NACHI is the only one I know of that allows free speech , both for members and non members .
We Canadians have the same difficulty ,
Bill Mullen has his Canuk list and he has many so intimidated they do not even post.
He Remove Raymond for saying things Bill did not like .
Then He removed Me for standing up for Raymond.
He then Removed Wolfram Jung for standing up for us.
This is the same Bill Mullen who has insulted many NACHI members on this BB .
OAHI ( ASHI NORTH ) has the CAFE and they too remove posts they do not like and remove people for asking questions that the BOD does not want asked .
Long Live NACHI where free speech is incouraged not run by a dictatorship.

… Cookie

I recognized Mr. O’Handjob’s symptoms of penis envy a couple of years ago. Usually, I like to go stir up a little fuss where I can…but there is so little activity over there, I could mail my posts via the USPS and have the same result.

The place reeks. I don’t suppose you will miss it much. I don’t.

To to all,

“nuff said”

His sponsors must be thrilled !



You are welcome here to post what you wish and no one will ever edit your opinion on anything.

Come back with us and enjoy the family of debate not edit.

NACHI is the best Association out of the whole lot.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:


the fisrt image was by sites by % reach, here’s the same one by rankings, what do you mean there is only one line?? go figure!



Oh, and one more by page views.

this one had to be bigger or you wouldn’t see the others :twisted:

Sorry can’t post an image large enough for the others to be visible :mrgreen:

HA HA and Russ Meyers little Nachi forum on TIJ has never even had a visitor from what I can tell.

Agreed Marcel!!! and I think Robert knows that.

Bob, don’t they know your from* Chitown, *they could be asking for trouble. :ouch:

Dat’s not nottin I know about.
Marcel… I must be boring as I never left here and post often.
Just watch what you say around here you durty rats.

Damn 1,226 posts.

Who would go to Inspectors Journal when you can read so much more intelligent conversations, opinions, ideas and answers here on Nachi?

Besides if I don’t post there its not worth going there to read anything else! :slight_smile:

Gerry, you’re the best.

Mike O’ Handjob is the home inspection profession’s version of South Park’s Cartman, a psycho control-freak who demands respect when none is warrented… what a maroon!

One jerk, one joke!


If you are a maroon and can’t make it as an inspector, start a web discussion board and look like a real maroon! :slight_smile:

I wonder what he is doing with his other hand while he is busy being authoratative? :slight_smile: Its a rehtorical question btw. :wink:

Well, how is this?

I get a green square from someone on this post and then later the next day I get this

Banned from TIJ11/19/07 3:49 PM

Obviously from an A$ss that does not appreciate a Nachi Member complimenting his welcome.

Most likely from the opposite.

Why can’t you come up front and just say you disagree you jerk?
I might be able to teach this one a few tricks, like being a man of respect. :frowning:

Marcel :shock:

So sad that some one would give a red sq to Marcel he does so much for NACHI and never complains .
Unfortunatly we have a few wimps who lack the BALLS to sign their name when they give a red .
Fortunatly I caught one of them .
Yes I have given Reds and always sign my name red or green .
I am not a wimp and always play fair.
… Cookie
and this is the post below ,we have some sick people here!


You are welcome here to post what you wish and no one will ever edit your opinion on anything.

Come back with us and enjoy the family of debate not edit.

NACHI is the best Association out of the whole lot.

Marcel :smile: :grin:

Some of you are too caught up in the rating system. The best thing I ever did is shut it off. The rating system has created more discourse on this board than it was meant to improve. Its pitted member against member.

Thank you Roy and Ray I would sadly have to agree with you, but to me the system was designed to show how helpfull one member can or could be to help another, and although I realize that we might not all agree to some extent on certain things, the system was designed to give red post to people that would go so far in taking someone down or discriminating against another person that is part of this Association.

By no means was it designed for people to discriminate a helpfull cause by some idiot that just plains disagrees and does not have the Balls to sign his name.

My e-mail address is plainly available and these low lives that can only downgrade a Member via a red square in my book is just that, A LOW LIFE.

They do not belong to this Association and if they do, they do not deserve it.

Thanks to the both of you for the comforting thought that this will happen when people like this have access to this board.