Baseboard heater + Thermostat Question.

If a homeowner wishes to install a thermostat on the wall, is it acceptable and safe to run a single 12/2 wire to a single pole, 2 wire thermostat? One side of the 240 supply would go from a junction box in the crawlspace direct to the heater while the other side goes from the junction box up to the thermostat on one leg of the 2/12, back on the other leg to the junction box? This seems OK to me, but would like confirmation or …:twisted:

sounds ok to me as well. It’s just acting as a diconnect.

In this case the thermostat is NOT ascting as the disconnect since it is only breaking one hot leg of the 240v circuit.

In a one family dwelling the main breaker is considered the “other means” of disconnect for fixed electric heat.

That is a controller function, not a disconnecting function.