basement drainage system

I have a contractor that is going to install a basement drainage system in my townhouse. A few years ago I had a little water coming up in the middle of my basement. There a cheapo 5 gallon bucket with holes cut in it that is in the corner with a sump pump.

The guy said he’s going to rip that out and put a real sump basin in. He’s also going to jackhammer the slap about a foot and a half from the wall and dig a trench to the bottom on the footer. He’s then going to put in a few inches of gravel and lay a pipe with slits in it that will direct the water to the new sump basin. I guess he’ll cover the pipe with gravel and then fill it with concrete.

Does this sound like the right way to install a basement drain system? It seems to me that you don’t need to go to the bottom of the footer to install the corrugated pipe. I’m concerned that this could destabilize the footer.

Any thoughts?



Except in rare cases intercepting water on the inside of the basement is just treating the symptom and not the problem. I recommend you hold off until you get a third party inspection by someone that has no financial gain in recommending the solution to your problem.

Randy gave you the appropriate advice for your situation. DO NOT discount that as others may join in with their opinions/advice.

Inside systems are garbage. While he is rough around the edges, I HIGHLY recommend you contact Mark Anderson. He posts on this message board under the name “John Bubber”. He will set you straight about proper basement waterproofing. He is always willing to help and can be reached at (810) 346 2955

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Let’s see now, this dumb azz video has over 9,000 views loool, 'How to ignorantly install an interior basement drainage system in an apartment building (or anywhere else) when the stoooooooopid water is actually entering THROUGH the friggin block walls and causing efflorescence etc on DUH blocks, this is not stopping the water from entering hence is not WATERPROOFING a basement

5:15 … sump pit/basin is around 3’

6:30 …duh hole is around 3’ and so, where is ALL that SUPPOSED water, all that hydrostatic pressure this moron is yapping about?

Incompetent, negligent, misrepresenting homeowners actual problems and NOT fixing/repairing them… sue the dumb sob’s!!!

Homeowner here in this video hired Aquaguard and they told him he needed an interior basement dork–azz system, he sued and won $50,000

…5th paragraph, in part, “…No significant water was ever seen in the trench… simply put, the water was coming in through numerous cracks in the WALLS, NOT pooling up from the bottom as postulated by the sales representative”

‘On the edge’? You better believe us few honest mfrs are indeed on DUH edge due to all the incompetent negligent bullshtt we have to put up with, listen to over decades and it continues. Shtt, just hand digging all the holes and fronting every penny for each job and taking all the risks will put an honest mfr, on dug edge, yes sir.

This photo is what happens to some blocks, the EXTERIOR of some blocks and sometimes you’ll see this kind of deterioration on the inside of some blocks, yep… and interior basement system companies will cover anything like this, HIDE aka conceal these defects, idiotttttttttttttttttz loool oh yes, absolute idiotzzz
If you don’t repair these defects and if you don’t STOP further water from entering, passing through these problems then this is what can happen…the wall is bowed in as well, no interior basement drainage system does ANYTHING about these problems either.

John McEwen, basement waterproofing…one of a few who ‘gets-it’…
Near the end… under, 'From the INEPT to the out-and-out SCAMS
…"And then there exists an entire cadre of out-and-out FRAUD ARTISTS who will simply sell you an open trench in the basement with holes drilled into the walls. If you see the words “water control”, “no messy outside digging or “sub-drain system” pay attention. If your building department has abrogated its responsibility, this is what CON MEN are allowed to do to your home”

So read what the homeowner who got lied to by Aquaguard says/went through in link above.
Yes they are scam artists, frauds, and they lie and misrepresent homeowners friggin problems, period end of story.

I had a copy of John McEwen from years ago, it was also pretty good.

Hope all is well there Bubba. :slight_smile:

I took two of his seminars about ten + years ago , Great info and well explained .

More info here .

Thanks Roy.

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