House turned into office's

Does a house that has been turned into offices need egress windows in the basement?

Egress windows are important for bedrooms. Since the building is now an office, it probably does not have bedrooms. So egress windows would not be an issue

Egress rules vary with jurisdiction, some require emergency egress only if there is a bedroom, some require regardless if there are bedrooms. I would ask your AHJ if you cannot locate local codes.

Gordon, you can recommend whatever you want to. Would you want to be caught down there in a fire?

“I recommend upgrading to egress windows for enhanced safety”.

Then, it is up to them if the do anything or not.

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It is now deemed a Commercial property, so YES, a second egress point is typically required (staircase being deemed the first egress point). Other requirements may also apply. Check with your local AHJ.