Basement Foundation & Crawl Space

That copper line likely feeds a gas fireplace insert.

Mike, from my office in Ne Ohio it looks like a few things wrong. It would also help if you update your signature to show your location.

Maybe the new student could preface their essays with something like “Hello, I’m a new student and this is a required essay. If you see something that would help me along, would you please tell me?”

Just a thought… :smile:

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Where is your area Darren.

New Jersey/NYC area. The BPU came out with a recommendation last fall to remove copper from the NJ IFC edition. A lot of the local towns now don’t allow it for new construction. I’m almost positive NYC no longer allows it. And appliance makers are starting to include language in their installation docs that state copper shouldn’t be used.

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Ben, my son lives in boulder and is house shopping, can you recomend a good realtor and a local inspector

I like,, and (because he’s uses a drone and he’s been in one of our videos). The video with Evan:

I don’t a real estate agent recommendation. But I’ve used