Basement systems installed hahaha another junk a__ system and sump pump

sellers hired Basement Systems who never stopped the water from entering, nope, mold, wood rot etc, total garbage

:55 says WHO? Yeah.
See that plastic junk against basement walls? = garbage

Hiding the existing condition of basement walls, water, mold and so on to benefit your lil a__ is fraud

BUYERS told me this has been leaking ever since they moved in, they didn’t know what to do, who to call lol

Did a water test w/hose, within 60 seconds water began entering where they see it when it rains

So the problem leak they SEE since they moved in has now been found, i warned them that they may also have 1 or more exterior cracks in one or two or all 3 of those block basement/fruit cellar walls and if so they will need ext-waterproofing of those walls.

Basement systems etc does not have the expertise to identify homeowners actual problem (s) and-or does not care to identify peoples problems because that would hurt their bottom line $, sure it would, just like me driving over there and doing the water test did not benefit me one bit, i got nothing lol, i could have LIED like Basement systems and told them several things to swindle some green outta them, could have automatically told them them DO need ext-waterproofing of the 3 walls and NOT done the water test to get a stinky job, just like B systems did, helllllo! Difference is, i couldn’t sleep with myself if i ever did that crap but Basement Systems most assuredly can! lol hahaha SCAM

DAnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnY OC, i’ll take you on, B Systems on … and all the scamming jokers on, bring it richy rich lol, my expertise against ALL of yours, C’MON


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Looks like they need a few more contents in that basement Partner…

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yes lolol, how are you doing Jim? ( was trying to get a rise out of Dan O, thought he’d get a buzz going and toss beer cans n reply and tell us about his planes, trains and automobiles)

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Yeah sure.
We’d be very scared of the attorney friend ya know.
If you open the cessna door tons of beer cans will fall out… … …

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haHAAAAAaa! ! Yes Mister G!