Mr Tews, an interior drainage system just 4 you

i could post thousands of these incompetent, lying, scamming NON-waterproofing systems… how come you don’t speak to these companies negligence, lies?

this is NOT waterproofing, they are NOT waterproofing the existing DEFECTS Mr T! No baby!

1:40 – lololllllllllll lady THINKS its all good too, most who hire these nitwits do!

2:15… 2:20 hahahaaa mold etc, water is coming in through EXTERIOR cracks, cracked parging in the wall man… causes mold sometimes eh! haha

6:05 here one can see step crack etc, cracks that matter, that are allowing WATER IN are on the outside of the block walls, can you please call them or call the media etc and complain beccccccccause Mr T, the homeowner is not getting her basement ‘waterproofed’ and more mold will grow because these lying losers are not stopping water that will continue to enter the exterior defects!!! smFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFh

What about you Bobbie, what SPIN can you come up with here? lololll We’ve already read quite a bit but G 'head man. Why don’t all HI’s call this scam out and warn all their clients they say they care so much about, pftt. Some HI’s talking crap about Bubba, stupid, weak, pathetic azz CRAP but they can’t call out the crooks that screw over many homeowners, amazing

How much ya think the materials cost for this garbage? pftttttttttttt

How about that cheap plastic crap hahahaha

Labor??? Shttttttttttttttttttttt, labor here is NOTTTTTTHING like the labor involved in exterior waterproofing YETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT these scamming crookIES lol charge as much or more $$$ for interior drainage systems!!!

I don’t speak to interior system companies because I’ve never made a recommendation for a client to hire one. In fact here’s language from one of my recent reports:

"We observed older masonry coatings on the foundation walls, efflorescence on the masonry at the front foundation wall, and a perimeter drain system with sump and pump within the basement, all suggesting an on-going water penetration issue. During our May 16th inspection, the seller reported that the interior system was installed in 2013 following Superstorm Sandy, that the basement was refinished, and that no additional water problems have occurred since.

"Please be aware that interior systems are water management systems, and should not be misconstrued as water proofing (Carmody & Anderson, 1997). Exterior water proofing involves sealing cracks and openings from the exterior, and applying a multi-layer water shedding system to the exterior foundation wall, directing water to the exterior drain tile system. With an interior system, water will continue to enter the interior space from any cracks or openings in the foundation, and be directed to a pumping system for removal. Interior systems can be effective if properly designed and applied to a structurally sound foundation, but exterior water proofing remains the superior solution for addressing basement moisture (Univ. of Minnesota, 1998).

"With regards to this basement, wood moisture readings taken at the lower 4 inches of drywall, and at 2x4 wall bottom plates support a conclusion that the interior system is currently managing water infiltration to the point that the wall assemblies nearest the foundation have moisture readings of less than 11%, which is consistent with a dry home (Spray, 1984), and below the threshold of 20% for remedial action (Hedden, 1982).

“We recommend that this basement be monitored frequently for water penetration and moisture issues, that the interior system be maintained and serviced regularly, and that the foundation exterior be waterproofed should water penetration become an issue again in the future.”

What don’t you get about me, Mark. We seem to be having a very large disconnect.

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now see, there you go man (keep as cool as you can…), i dig that write up in your recent report

here’s another interior system, ext cracks, mold, ext cracks mold = scam

‘homeowners were RIPPED OFF, they were lied to…there are existing exterior DEFECTS, cracks in foundation walls allowing water into basement, causing mold etc’

There is ONLY 1 fix, 1 solution for basements like this, exterior waterproofing done correctly.

1:50… there ya go man keep as cool as ya can… it riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave…